Like anything in life, a year can be a lot of things at once. For most of us, 2019 was probably a mixture of outcomes and emotions, with goals set and smashed, resolutions made and broken, eras begun or finished. Inevitably, what stands out most for us as we look back are the people we connected with over the past 12 months, and what makes the year feel like a success are the ways in which we were able to positively impact the people and communities around us.

This fall, we celebrated our 10th year in business, and there’s nothing like closing out a decade to make you pause and get a little thoughtful. Once again, what stands out most are the people who have made the past 10 years so rewarding and ultimately fulfilling.

And with that in mind, we are committing to making 2020 a year where giving back and supporting positive change are even more front-and-centre to our company and our team than ever before. In gratitude for the past 10 years, we are looking to connect with and support 10 deserving charitable organizations that are already doing incredible work in our communities. We want to go beyond writing a cheque (which is not to say that financial support isn’t valid and valuable) by offering our creativity, talents, experience, connections, and other resources – whatever is most of service to these organizations and their goals. We want to put our hands, our brains, and our hearts where our money is. If you know of or are part of an organization or charitable initiative that you think could use our help, please get in touch! We’d love to hear more.

To kick things off during the holiday season, our team purchased and put together donation kits for the Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre. This very deserving organization is a lot more than an emergency shelter. The Centre supports the people behind circumstances such as homelessness and extreme poverty in an all-encompassing way, providing essential care as well as health services, employment training, and housing supports. A quick scroll through their website will show you over 50 different programs and services offered that are designed to both meet people where they are now, and offer them opportunities that can help to change their circumstances.

We encourage you to check out the work that the Drop-in Centre is doing, and to think about how you could support them in their efforts to help some of our city’s most vulnerable people. From volunteering to sponsoring a meal or providing clothing and in-kind donations, there are many ways you can help. Check out their How You Can Help list here

The holidays are a great time to give to or volunteer with a cause that means something to you, but let’s all set a goal to take that sense of responsibility and passion forward into 2020. Think about the causes and issues that are closest to your heart, and consider how you can support them – your time, your resources, or your voice could make more of a difference than you know.

All the best to you over the holidays and as you step into the new year. We’ve got a good feeling about 2020, and we hope our year to come includes connecting with you. Cheers!