Event Types

Your creative event partner, for any event.  

We collaborate with our clients and partners on hundreds of projects every year, and they’re varied to say the least. Whether we’re looking at a corporate event with strict brand guidelines or a charity fundraiser that needs to maximize value, we bring our a-game every time. 

We’ve always believed in collaboration rather than isolation, and with that philosophy we’ve built a large network of partners and suppliers who team up with us to handle everything your event needs to be its absolute best. Together, we’ll throw our energy, experience, and creativity into whatever role – from event design to event management – needs our support.

Bring us in to assist with corporate parties, galas, or charity fundraisers, or let us help you celebrate personal milestones like an anniversary party or birthday party. We’ve tackled everything from event management for non-profits, to activations for conferences and exhibitions, to our fair share of rodeo events. Whatever you're planning, we’d love to talk about how we can help.

Virtual Events: Human connection knows no boundaries.  

Tap into the power of technology to create memorable experiences.

As our world changes, often in unexpected ways, technology has the power to turn challenges into opportunities and connect us in ways we never imagined. Virtual events demand a dedicated emphasis on creative concepts and innovative offerings to see their full potential, and our team will work with you to execute your unique solution for a safe, engaging, and memorable virtual or hybrid event.

Welcome guests from around the world who would otherwise not have access, provide an attend-from-home option paired with a VIP in-person experience to leverage fundraising, and so much more. The solution is at your fingertips – it all starts with a conversation.

Brand Activations: Your brand can do even more. 

Get in front of the right people, and let your brand do the rest.  

As audiences become more sophisticated and marketing more complex, there’s more opportunity than ever to create memorable, immersive experiences that help your audience to connect with your brand. Brand activations at events and festivals, in public spaces, or at conferences, exhibitions, and meetings are a unique opportunity to not only get in front of your demographic, but to go a step further by engaging them directly, and creating an experience that will stick as they move on. 

Like any good advertising, in order to have that kind of staying power, a brand activation needs to be creatively unique and conceptually on-point – luckily, that’s right up our alley. Not only do we bring our experience and expertise in event design and event production to the table, but we have a clear understanding of the important nuances involved in working with brands. Let’s talk about what we can achieve together. 

Charity Fundraisers: Put your cause in the spotlight.   

Is there any better reason to celebrate?    

You’ve got a clear mission to do great things, but your charity or not-for-profit organization relies on donor support to make it happen. There are so many ways to use events to build awareness, champion a cause, bring about change, and of course, raise funds, and our extensive experience in fundraisers and charity galas can help you achieve your goals, and beyond.

We’re sensitive to how important it is to manage your budget, and will work with you to maximize value and get the most out of every aspect of your event, while also offering your guests an incredible experience at every turn. We’ll leverage our partnerships with vendors and venues and channel our team’s sincere passion for making a difference, all in the name of your cause. We’ll create a unique event design that will set your event apart from others, and we can even take on event production, from staffing your event to liaising with vendors. See a full description of our services, browse through some of our work on charity fundraisers, and let’s talk about how we can help you change the world. 

Gala Events: An unforgettable night starts right here. 

You have a goal, an inspiration, and a vision – let us help you pull it all together.

A gala event can be held as a fundraiser, a corporate event, or a private celebration, but no matter what the reason for throwing it, a gala has to wow. The good news is that “wow” comes naturally to our team. In close collaboration with you, we’ll create an event design that is thoughtfully grounded in your objectives, tastes, brand, guests’ expectations, or anything else that guides your event, while also harnessing the depth of creativity and experience that our team brings to the table – all to ensure that your event is unforgettable.

We can also take on event production, so that you don’t need to worry about the details, and we’ll leverage our great relationships with venues and vendors, so that you can be sure you’re working with – and getting – the very best. Read through a full description of our services and browse through our projects to see how we can help you bring your vision to life, and give your guests a night they’ll never forget.

Corporate Events: Simplify the process, and amplify the result. 

We’re ready and waiting to team up with you.    

There are many reasons for your organization to put on an event, from staff appreciation to celebrating new partnerships or historic milestones. There are also a lot of moving pieces to any corporate event, regardless of size, and the huge investment of time, resources, and energy needs to result in an event that you’re not only proud of, but that hits the objectives you set out to achieve. 

Let us support you – we’ll be the behind-the-scenes dream team that helps you realize your concept, stay on top of the details, and love the process (really!). We’ll partner with your organization and work in tandem with your in-house team to make the entire timeline of your event, from initial planning meeting to debrief, a pleasure. Check out a full description of our services to see the breadth of how we can assist you, and browse our projects to see our team of experienced and energetic event professionals in action.