Ah, the family portrait. Chances are, you have some bad ones in your past; some awkward poses and matching sweaters you’d rather keep buried. So before we say anything more, let us assure you – this is not that.

Gifting employees with a professional family photo session that’s equal parts safe and stylish is a pretty great way to replace the large corporate event that would normally mark the holiday season, and we’ve got all the bells and whistles to make sure your guests feel the festive holiday love. Read on.

First of all, safety first
Health and safety has to be top-of-mind at every point here, and that’s what makes our portrait offering so unique. Our close collaboration with Leblond Studio means we have the space, resources, and expertise to create a seamless and safe experience, guided at every step by our COR-certified team. 

From entrance to exit and at every point in between, safety drives every inch of this experience. 

  • The entire studio, located at OneWest HQ in southeast Calgary, is fully sanitized before each new guest’s arrival, using state-of-the-art UV technology. (Our studio is also fully wheelchair accessible.)
  • A private entrance means controlled traffic flow and no extra risk.
  • Our scheduling system ensures that only one group or family is in the studio at a time.
  • A private washroom is available, and the washroom is sanitized following each session.
  • Our photographers and other staff are fully outfitted in proper PPE and ensure proper distancing at all times, are trained in all sanitation and hygiene guidelines, and are screened daily for symptoms.

We’re on top of every new development, and we’re going above-and-beyond on all safety requirements and recommendations. You can take a closer look at our COVID-19 health and safety preparedness here

When you send your employees and their families our way, you can be absolutely certain that we’ll be caring for them with the same level of care we’d show to our own families. 

Say cheese, without the cheese
Now, for the fun stuff. As humorous as those awkward family photos are, this experience is about capturing beautiful, unique, and creative photos that mark a moment in time, and immediately become keepsakes. We’ll happily welcome families, friends, and pets; Leblond’s professional photographers have spent hours on-site at fast-paced live events, and are skilled at spotting a beautiful moment, putting guests at ease, and catching that perfect shot, no matter what. We’ll even have makeup artists and stylists on hand to ensure that everyone is camera ready.

The OneWest team has put our design skills to work on beautiful sets that range from modern minimalism to bold and colourful geometrics to super-festive metallics. Or, we can create something totally custom to your company that centres around a theme of your choosing and incorporates any messaging you want to build your holiday experience around. Our Print Shop can completely transform the studio to become your custom holiday environment, which essentially means that each of your guests experiences their own private holiday event, in addition to leaving with a photo keepsake. Pretty magical, if you ask us. 

Ready for your close-up?
We’re ready and waiting. Get in touch to talk about all the ways we can customize your company’s holiday photo experience.