Who We Are

Creativity comes in many forms.

Across our diverse educational backgrounds and professional skill sets, each member of our team approaches your project with a positive, creative mindset that is backed by experience and training.
We value the process as much as the end result. Our ultimate satisfaction in a job well-done comes from true collaboration, stress-free execution, and the lasting impact of the final result.

What We Do

We listen, collaborate, and imagine.
Then we hustle, create, and execute.

We design unforgettable live event experiences. Your input is key throughout our process, and the first step is always a conversation. We discuss your ideas, goals, and practical considerations, then we design, plan, and execute a solution that will work within any limitations, while exceeding your expectations. 

From grand concept to minute detail, we work tirelessly to bring our mutual vision to reality. Our design concept visually transforms your event venue, and every piece of the puzzle matters. We hand-pick each aspect of the design, sourcing base materials, props, and furniture from our own warehouse floor, or custom-building the perfect solution. 

Our friends are your friends, and our positive relationships with the very best vendors, suppliers, and contractors allow us to build the perfect team, delivering the very best experience for you and your guests.

Each step along the way, we focus our boundless energy, professionalism, and creativity on your event, ensuring that every t is crossed, every i is dotted, and the ultimate vision is realized.

We’re proud to work behind-the-scenes to shine the spotlight exactly where it should be – on you.

How We Do It

We create the best results by
starting with the best people.

We hand-pick each aspect of the decor, sourcing base materials, props, and furniture from our own warehouse floor, or custom-building the perfect solution. We manage the event logistics so that you don’t need to – everything from staffing needs to set-up and tear-down scheduling will be taken care of efficiently and professionally. Our friends are your friends, and our positive relationships with the very best vendors, suppliers, and contractors allow us to build the perfect team for each project, delivering the very best experience for you and your guests.

Dustin Westling, CSEP,
Managing Partner

OneWest was born out of Dustin’s original vision, and he continues to oversee the big picture. From growing the business to growing our team, Dustin’s focus is on a flourishing, united OneWest. 

Renée Pittet,
Director of Business Development

Reneé is focused on what we value most – our partnerships. Whether we’ve just met or we’ve worked together for years, Reneé is always eager to connect and talk about what we can do together.

Jennifer Thacker,
Project Manager

Jennifer is your rock-solid, go-to partner. Experienced and adept with large-scale and extremely complex events, Jennifer brings creative design to the table while excelling at problem-solving and logistics. She is also a member of the Meeting Professionals International board.

Amy Martin,
Project Manager

Amy’s creativity starts with an exceptional design concept, and extends to her ability to find creative solutions to any challenges that come up along the way. Positive and intuitive, Amy always goes above and beyond.

Samara Lastiwka,
Project Manager

Samara brings her outgoing energy and unstoppable enthusiasm to managing events and building great relationships. Her strong creative side shines in developing design concepts, perfectly balanced with an experienced grasp of logistics.

Amanda Bazant,
Assistant Project Manager

Amanda brings over a decade of experience in event design and execution, including experience with major conferences, to our team. No matter what she’s working on, her positivity, creativity, and sincere love for the industry make her an unstoppable force. Amanda is currently the VP of Finance and President Elect of the Calgary Chapter of ILEA.

Sarah Kisman,
Project Coordinator

Creative, fun, and endlessly resourceful, Sarah shines as part of our team. Her combination of fine arts background and organizational proficiency means you get a beautiful result and a pleasant process.

Orlando Nichols,
Chief Operating Officer

Every symphony needs a conductor, and Orlando is ours. Upon completion of design concept, Orlando steps in to coordinate our front-end and warehouse staff, ensuring a feasible and flawless execution. Our rescue dog, Dawson, follows up to make sure morale stays high. #onewestdawson

Joelle Glass,
Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Spend just a few minutes with Joelle, and you’ll see why her arrival in the events industry was inevitable. Outgoing and confident, Joelle applies her proactive approach and quick learning curve to both client-facing and internal project management.

Gillian Lueke,
Operations and Logistics Coordinator

When the time comes to put a plan into action, Gillian steps in. She deftly leads our well-oiled machine of operations and crew members to safely and efficiently bring the design vision to life.

Monika Leung,
Senior Crew Lead

If anyone knows how to stay cool when the event pressure heats up, it’s Monika. As our onsite crew lead, she oversees staff during events, making sure that everyone knows where to be, when. A master of details, she also trains new staff.

Alana Donohoe,
Assistant Manager, Operations

Alana is driven by her love of the entire event process, from the first meeting through the build-up to set. Add natural leadership skills, a sharp eye on the details, and a cool-under-pressure attitude, and you’ve got the perfect lead for our crew.

Sue Howe,
Manager, Finance and Administration

We literally couldn’t do what we do without Sue, who keeps our books in impeccable shape, manages payroll and accounts payable, and deftly handles a bunch of other stuff we don’t really understand – but confidently know Sue does!


Simply put, we’re good people,
doing good work.

We’re invested in what we do, and we love our work. We are proud to be part of this exciting, growing industry, and it’s always rewarding to be recognized by our peers.


We are proud to be part
of a vibrant business community.

We are actively involved with the local chapters of the International Live Event Association (ILEA) and Meeting Professionals International (MPI), and are a member of both the Calgary Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Calgary.

Why it Works

We’re dedicated, talented, and creative,
and we have the key ingredient – you.

We truly believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That means that each of our skills, talents, and abilities is made stronger when we collaborate, not just with each other, but with our clients and partners as well. We are many, but together – we’re One.

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Great conversations
start with hello.

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please leave us a note here. We’ll get in touch to hear more about your project,
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