When we stop to think about what really makes each conference or industry event we attend so rewarding, the answer is pretty clear – and really, it’s the same thing that makes life rewarding. It’s the people we meet or reconnect with, speak to and hear from, that make those experiences so rich. With that in mind, we decided to have a little extra fun during The Special Event this year by getting some of the attendees to answer five questions, using just one word for each answer. Now that the results are in, we’re left with a fascinating snapshot of the people we encountered at TSE this year.  

Turns out we aren’t alone in the quest to connect – this was the most-used word across categories, and it showed up big time when we asked event profs to describe what they do. We couldn’t be more pleased with the winning word, considering that connecting was the point of the exercise all along. Along with that popular word, some form of ‘creative’ or ‘create’ showed up in nearly every category – probably no surprise in a crowd of event profs. We also found out that a lot of us might be perfectionists, given the many instances of the word “failure” in the Biggest Fear category, and that’s created a little food for thought about the pressure we all put on ourselves. Finally, when it comes to accomplishments, while many forms of career success or self-fulfillment showed up, in the end it seems that nothing trumps your relationships with family and friends. We certainly can’t argue with that.

Take a look at the results for each category below.


Describe Yourself in One Word:


Describe Our Industry in One Word:


Describe What You Do in One Word:


Describe Your Biggest Fear in One Word:


Describe Your Biggest Accomplishment in One Word: