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Even as circumstances evolve, you can plan with confidence.

The live events industry has changed drastically, and we’re committed to leading the charge in adapting, innovating, and planning for a bright future. Live experiences are invaluable to our communities, and that’s why we believe so passionately in providing safe ways to support your event.

Now & Always

COR Certified, and always prepared.

The safety of everyone onsite has always been a major priority for our team, and now more than ever we’re going above and beyond to ensure that every i is dotted and every t crossed – and then some.

COR Certification

As a COR certified company, each member of our team is always up-to-date with health and safety policies and certifications, and fully committed to ensuring that all risks are carefully considered.

Comprehensive Health and Safety Plans and Onsite Hazard Assessments

We never go in unprepared; detailed safety documents are created for each and every project we collaborate on.

Distancing by design

Bringing people together while keeping a safe distance?

Physical distancing is a new challenge for events, but we’re using design and technology to make distancing beautiful, safe, and maybe even fun.

First off, our team is continually monitoring the most up-to-date information regarding gathering limits and physical distancing, to make sure your event follows all current regulations and recommendations. On top of that, we’re always engaged with industry associations and with our peers and partners both here at home and around the world to explore success stories, discuss challenges, and create solutions that blend the responsible with the innovative.

Floorplans, traffic flow, and physical barriers are all carefully considered as ways to ensure proper space and separation throughout your event. We can also use technology in innovative new ways, like having guests use their own smartphones to register or even to reserve services like food and beverage.

Distancing is here to stay for the time being, and it’s our mission to make sure that safety is achieved in creative ways that honour guest experience.

Sanitization & PPE

We follow the latest science and use the best technology to build in measures that keep everyone safe.

Sanitation before and after your event

All product that arrives on-site at your event has been safely and effectively disinfected, and we sanitize everything again before returning it to our warehouse. During load-in and strike, our crew will be suited up with all recommended PPE.

Screening and hygiene

Every OneWest team member is screened daily for symptoms, and has been trained in proper use of PPE, hand-washing or sanitizing protocols, and respiratory hygiene best practices.

Custom health & safety signage

Ready to reopen – and stay open? Our Print Shop can back you up.

Health and safety is your main priority right now, and clear, effective signage plays a major role in accomplishing that. The best signage happens when your space, your brand, and guest experience are all considered.

Totally custom, beautifully branded, expertly executed

Designed, printed, and installed by our in-house team, following consultation and site visits, your safety signage is printed on the best materials, created with an in-depth knowledge of evolving regulations, and installed quickly, safely, and with care.

We know how to do this, because this is what we’ve always done

Guiding traffic flow, communicating important information, working with venues, and understanding brands has always been a huge part of our job, and every bit of that expertise and experience goes into the custom safety signage produced in the OneWest Print Shop. Let’s talk about what you need to stay open, and stay safe.

Health & Safety Resources

Information is power. Here are a few of the resources we’re using to stay informed.

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