One of the greatest things about our industry is that people come into it through a massive variety of experiences and educational backgrounds. The diversity of skills, viewpoints, and energies that this brings to the table is second-to-none, and we love how all of the different moving parts – and the people orchestrating them – end up coming together to create these memorable live experiences. If you’re thinking about getting into the events industry, let us be the first to welcome you – even better, let us give you some friendly tips and need-to-knows on making your first impression.

Newbie? No problem.
Behind the scenes of every event, there’s an entire dedicated crew of people making sure that everything comes together smoothly, safely, and in keeping with the original vision. There are so many facets to this industry that utilize skills like thinking on your feet, creativity, hands-on building, and problem-solving. Think about what you can bring to the table, based on what you’ve learned, done, and seen in your journey to this point.

Got goals? Good – so do we.
No one wants to feel stagnant or stifled – and we’re here to tell you, you won’t. As an industry, things are constantly evolving, and that means new skills become in-demand and new opportunities come up all the time. As a company, we make a point of playing to our employees’ strengths, and building up people who really want to make this a lasting, flourishing career. That means putting our team members in positions that challenge their skills, and finding ways to see that position grow and change as employees grow and change. After all, we’re in this together, and when one of us succeeds, we all succeed.

So what do we look for, really?
To answer this one, we’ve gone straight to the source. Our Operations and Logistics Manager, Alyssa, has an otherworldly knack for finding incredible people to become part of #teamONE, and she’s shared with us the top six qualities she looks for:

  1. Positive attitude – This is a fast-paced industry, and occasionally you’re going to have to be able to roll with the punches. If you can do that without losing your cool, you’ll go far.
  2. Goal-oriented – We’re driven, passionate, and always striving to do better, and we want you to be, too.  
  3. Cooperation/teamwork – As many a corporate boardroom poster will tell you, teamwork makes the dream work. Make sure you’re ready to get involved, offer solutions, and work toward a common goal.
  4. Flexibility – Remember what we said about rolling with the punches? Flexibility is everything in an industry where you never know what could happen next.
  5. Integrity – Simply put, we need to know you’ve always got the best interests of those around you at heart, whether it’s your colleagues or our clients.
  6. Creativity – We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – creativity is in everyone’s job description here. Bring your a-game, and we’ll give you plenty of chances to use it.

Still curious? You can catch our team in action day-to-day by following along here!