Like that amazing antique side table that’s been in your grandma’s living room forever, sometimes it’s all too easy to overlook exceptional things that are right under your nose. Hotel Arts is one of those venues in Calgary that most of us have worked in or attended events at many times, and you might think you can’t be surprised by the space – but you’d be wrong. We were recently honoured to win an Esprit Award for the One True North holiday party, which was held at – you guessed it – Hotel Arts, and it got us thinking about how this classic venue can be used to put on a creative, transformative event. With One True North, we used an L-shaped space to our advantage by developing a creative floorplan that developed a natural flow between the two sections. The design staggered large three-dimensional décor installations among seating areas and mixed table styles for a high-impact result that turned a challenge into an asset. To help you take a fresh look at this classic venue, here are three reasons we love working with Hotel Arts.

1 — Simply put, they’re really helpful and really nice.
Does that seem like an underwhelming reason to lead off with? If so, let us put it this way: in the weeks, days, or hours before an event, we’re busy around the clock solving problems, coordinating countless details, and managing everything from vendors to deliveries to client expectations. When the pressure is on and there’s literally zero time to spare, “helpful” and “nice” go a long, long way. The customer service team at Hotel Arts is honestly second-to-none; they are responsive, they offer solutions, they work with us to make things happen, and they’re always pleasant and friendly. Never underestimate the value of simple courtesy.

2 — They nail the key thing you do NOT want to get wrong.
Ask anyone about an event they just attended, and their first response will almost always include a comment about the food, whether good, bad, or – worst of all – non-existant. If you hold an event at Hotel Arts, that response is going to be a glowing review. Chef Quinn and his team are extremely creative, and you can trust them to put together a menu that guests will be talking about and craving for weeks after your event.

3 — They’re invested.
Working in hotel venues often means working with a chain whose head office is somewhere far away, and where the powers-that-be are a lot more invested in their own success than the overall impact of a vibrant, growing, thriving community. On the flip side, Hotel Arts is Calgary owned-and-operated, and was born out of a vision for a boutique local hotel that bolstered and enhanced the arts, culture, and tourism in our city. To that end, they are constantly engaged in the community with sponsorship and support, something we can always appreciate.

As a bonus, take a look at their beautifully redesigned guest rooms (be warned that it’s impossible to not imagine a lazy morning ordering room service when you scroll through these photos). And now that you’re sold on giving Hotel Arts a well-earned second look, check out our Services to learn more about how we can help you create a memorable event.