Go ahead, prove us wrong:
We believe an event shouldn’t need alcohol to take it from good to great.

Prove Us Wrong: You Need Alcohol At Your Party To Have A Good Time

Now, we admit this all feels a little taboo to say. We know and love the perks imbibing brings to a party and aren’t about to ditch cocktail hour. But everywhere we turn right now, someone is talking about cutting back a little for moderation, wellness, or just to try out a sober curious moment.

And when Forbes published that ‘NoLo’– no and low alcohol–is a huge and steadily growing trend, it got our wheels turning. How can we take care of those guests who are opting for a buzz-free evening?

Because let’s face it, as good hosts, our guests and designated drivers deserve something much more exciting than water to sip on.

To prove how tasty it can be beyond the blasé bar mixes, we rounded up some of our favourite Calgary drink-slingers to share the mocktails they’ll be sipping on this holiday season. Zero-proof, one hundred percent worthy of a spot at your next event.

To answer J’Val Shuster of Devour Catering’s question, “When is a punch a punch, and when does it become a mocktail?” It’s when it’s wicked enough not to realize the gin is missing. We can assure you these will all blow your mind.

If you’re feeling a little sober curious yourself, why wait until the new year to start a new habit? Swap one of these into your holiday lineup, and let us know how it goes. Go ahead and download or print out the recipe cards to have on hand while you mix it up.

We want you to prove us wrong — send us your ideas for what else needs to be debunked in our industry, and we’ll tackle it. We’re up for the challenge.

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