We like cedar boughs and mistletoe as much the next person… but we also like to shake things up. If you’re open to getting off the beaten path, this holiday party design takes inspiration from Moroccan spice markets, and adds a holiday twist.  

The Look
Think intricate patterns, jewel tones, and metallic touches. Transform ordinary furniture with layers of fabrics, throws, and pillows, and create low seating areas with large floor cushions.  Don’t be afraid to mix patterns and textures – consider this a more-is-more situation. Place a mix of candle lanterns around your space, and let the shadows they cast play into the mosaic of the design.

At home, hang bundles of dried herbs tied with colourful fabrics in place of a holiday garland – these can double as party favours. For a dramatic effect at a larger event, use projection mapping to cast stunning mosaic patterns and shapes onto walls or surfaces.

At home, bring everyone together on floor cushions and rugs for a gift exchange and games. For corporate parties, try creating a pre-mapped mosaic where each guest adds a piece to create a beautiful installation.

Food and Beverage
Be bold, and create a spicy “moro-cocoa” hot cocoa! Use an eclectic mix of colours and styles in your dinnerware, and try a table spread with tapas.  If you really want to go all-out, set up a spice bar that allows guests to customize their food and drink.