2017 had some memorable highlights, exciting changes, and an epic grand finale, but it’s a brand new year now and we’re wasting no time getting down to the exciting things ahead. First and foremost on the list of big things to come in 2018 is our impending move! As of January 1, we’re officially the proud owners of nearly 40,000 square feet over on 50th Avenue SE, and the best part is that our vision for our new building is not a space just for us, but a place to bring together our team, our partners, and our community. You’ll be able to share in the triumphs and trials of the renovation/creation process by following #ONEuppingit on Instagram but before the sledge hammers start swinging, here’s a bit more about our vision for the new OneWest headquarters.

  • Our new warehouse will feature both more loading docks and more space, allowing for an all around more efficient operation.
  • We’ll be keeping it fun and fit with the inclusion of both a staff rec area and a gym.
  • One of the features we’re most excited about is the Print Shop, where our state-of-the-art printer and laminating and plotting machines will carry out their fine work. This dedicated space will allow us to bring in even more equipment and enhance our in-house design and production capabilities – lots more on this to come, so stay tuned.
  • Another feature we can’t wait to tell you more about is the dedicated Floral and Styling Studio! We are beyond excited to be teaming up with one of favourite partners to create this studio… but you’ll have to keep an ear to the ground to hear more about that. All in due time, friends.
  • Remember when we said a moment ago that this space isn’t just for us? We meant it. As part of our plan, we’ll be creating a co-work space for some of our close industry friends, where we’ll be able to collaborate more closely than ever under one roof. And you can get in on this too, because…
  • We’ll have drop-in desks! Should you find yourself in Calgary and in need of a spot to work, or if you’re a local who just needs a change of scenery for the day, dial us up and we’ll get a desk ready for you. Our home is your home, and we’re pretty great hosts, if we can humbly say so ourselves.
  • And finally, we’re not just bringing the community in to work. Our vision for a Presentation Studio/Event Space will not only serve as the perfect setting for client presentations, but will be a prime space to host industry events, photoshoots, and we can’t wait to see what else.  

So there you have it – our big plans for a big kickoff to 2018. We’ll be divulging more info about some of these features as our vision comes to life, and we’re looking forward to sharing the journey, and then eventually the space, with you in the near future. Our new HQ is just one part of the exciting things we have planned for the year ahead! We can tell already that it’s going to be a good one.