Have you ever found yourself on the hunt for something special? There are lots of great options to consider and you’ve duly considered them all, but this time, nothing feels quite right? It’s a little twinge in your gut, or a slight hesitation in your chest, and you just can’t shake the feeling that, while the options presented all have something to offer in their own rights, you just haven’t quite landed on the perfect home, the right new job, or someone you can realistically stand to share a toothbrush holder with for the rest of your life. 

When it comes to choosing a space in which to celebrate, to connect and come together, to perhaps mark a major milestone, it’s definitely true that the options abound – and honestly, the options are fantastic. But. 

Sometimes, there’s a but, and all the old favourites or tried-and-true standards just aren’t quite hitting that sweet spot this time. You need something… well, something special.

Brace yourself, because you may have just found your silver bullet. 

Celebrating a one-of-a-kind.
Maybe Flores & Pine feels so special because it was inspired by its namesake, who certainly was anything but ordinary.

Flores LaDue was an accomplished roper and vaudeville performer back at the turn of the 20th century, who performed around the world. Flores and her husband, Guy Weadick, eventually settled in Alberta in 1912, where she played no small part in her husband’s founding of Calgary Stampede. 

This formidable woman and captivating force-of-nature retired as the undefeated World Champion Lady Fancy Roper after 31 years of competing, and together she and Weadick had a lasting impact on Calgary, Alberta, and Canada, and now she serves as the inspiration to Flores & Pine. 

“The West is determination, strength, the empowerment to create a community – and a place in it,” Maria Martiniello, Business Development & Event Sales Manager at Flores & Pine, told us. “Flores & Pine is an embodiment of that dream and a place of coming together… [it] represents the story of Calgary, what it has been, what it is, and where it is going.”

We told you this venue is that rush you’ve been looking for.

First, a feast for your eyes.
Flores & Pine is located in Bearspaw, Alberta, just west of Calgary’s city limits and on the doorstep of the mountains, and with that being said, it is probably unlike everything you are picturing in your head right now (unless you looked ahead at photos, and then, well, you’re messing with our flow but you do you). The space was formerly home to the Bear’s Den Restaurant, which closed in January of 2018 after 14 years. In 2019, this location has done a 180 and been totally reimagined, reinvigorated, and now finally, reopened.

Offering both a beautiful dining experience as well as rental opportunities for private special occasions or corporate events, stepping into Flores & Pine is going to stop you in your tracks at least initially, just to take it all in. No design detail has been overlooked here; it’s honestly exquisite and you’ll need a minute to absorb this as you move from room to room. The design certainly nods to location – consider a large but subtly monochrome scene of bears and mountains done in relief on one wall – but it nods in a way that’s hyper-elegant while also warm and inviting, and deftly avoids what’s been done or feels expected. As Martiniello puts it, “the renovated location honours the history of the former Bear’s Den and local landmarks, while creating distinct rooms that bring the beauty of the outside in.”

Secondly, the actual feast.
Flores & Pine certainly has looks going for it, but it also has the culinary chops to back up the front-of-house style. 

“The chef-crafted menu will feature locally sourced ingredients within inspired seasonal dishes, grilled modern classics, and a soon-to-be-famous brunch,” Maria shared with us just ahead of the opening several weeks ago. Having been guests at their preview before doors opened, we can personally attest to the fact that your stomach will be just as wowed as your eyes. The kitchen works with local farmers to source sustainable ingredients, and favours “fire-grilled specialities and rotisserie classics” that use “authentic flavours to bring you hearty, enticing dishes that are best savoured with family and friends.”

In-house catering and bar services are included in your event rental, and it feels safe to say that you can expect your guests to be talking about the meal long after your event has ended. 

Designed to marry dream with budget.
“Inviting spaces have a way of bringing people together,” says Martiniello. Flores & Pine has set out to offer a beautiful event venue that feels incredibly special and upscale, while also truly inviting. 

“Guests can expect to be serviced by a team that treats customers like guests in their own home,” Martiniello promises. “Whether planning a special event or a full-scale party at Flores & Pine, guests will be provided packages crafted to meet both dream and budget.”

The venue and restaurant was designed with flexibility in mind, and features several event rooms with indoor and outdoor spaces and incredible views in every season, and the option of a restaurant buy-out as well. An experienced concierge service will handle the details of your turnkey options, helping you navigate the possibilities and ensure that your vision is realized. 

Sometimes, you just know you need to keep searching, and on the same vein, you know when your search has ended. Flores & Pine is such an incredible addition to the local venue lineup; it fills a unique niche and gap for those times when the many other wonderful options available just don’t feel quite right. And like Flores herself, it has an underlying spirit that captures the imagination. 

“Flores & Pine is an embodiment of that dream [of the West], and a place of coming together, where guests can live as part of something more than themselves,” Martiniello summarizes. 

Something special, wouldn’t you say?

If you’re dying to know more, or eager to tour the space and talk ideas, we’d love to talk! Be sure to follow Flores & Pine on Instagram for a regular dose of inspiration in your feed.

Photo credits:
Ruth Vicker