As a rule, we’re always up for a little adventure. And you know what’s better than solo adventuring? Bringing as many friends as possible with you!

Enter the OneWest Adventure Club. There’s no hidden agenda or cost, no pressure, and no buzzwordy-catch phrase or trendy concept. We just believe in the power and value of community, as deeply as we believe in the power and value of trying new things. We want to get our industry together outside of the traditional meeting rooms and industry conferences and events where we might normally bump into one another, and give all of us a chance to form the real friendships that don’t often naturally happen in more structured environments. Life can be hard, work can be stressful, relationships can be tricky; having an authentic community of friends and a ride-or-die support system of people who get it when you’re spiraling and celebrate it when you’re soaring can be truly life-changing. 

The inaugural Adventure Club kicked things off recently with a group hike up Mount Allen – if you missed it but you’re interested, you can see our route here. Some of us made it all the way to the top and shared the glow of that achievement (and the burn in our glutes) for days after. Others of us sat down halfway up the mountain to talk and laugh and share a protein bar with someone we didn’t know before that day. Getting to the top was never the point; doing it together was. We are so grateful for and proud of every person who came out to adventure with us. 

We are also grateful to Jusu Bars for the nutrient-loaded cold-pressed juices that fueled our climb, and to Ambassador for the ride to and from the trailhead. Thanks for making a group of sweaty event profs feel like VIPs. 

So what’s next? We’ve got big plans that include everything from indoor skydiving to taking over a driving range to …well you’ll just have to wait and see. The point will always be getting us out and doing things we may not normally do on our own, and even more importantly, doing these things together. Wanna play? Sign up to our email list to make sure you get your invite to the next Adventure Club event.