ARISE Event Collective

It’s been a wild couple of months, there’s no doubt about that (thanks, tips), but now that we’re a little further down this road, it’s legitimately inspiring to see how people and businesses are getting creative, being proactive, and looking for ways to help one another. One recent example of this is ARISE Event Collective, an altruistic project from a collection of passionate, experienced event professionals looking to help.

For anyone who was or would have normally been planning an event but has now found themselves inside a swirling tornado of questions without clear answers, ARISE wants to be the calm in the centre of that storm. Before you just cancel an event that may be really important to your organization, it’s worth taking a breath, and reaching out. 

“The ARISE Event Collective is a team of like-minded, Canadian event service professionals who have come together to provide organizations with event advice, expertise, and support as you transition your events into the new landscape.”

While ARISE is brand-new on the scene, the experienced and respected event industry professionals on the team are definitely not newcomers to the industry. When you reach out with your questions, the administrator will point you to the best ARISE partner for your particular situation or challenge. From there, you’ll get support and guidance on how to respond, regroup, and rethink your event in light of current realities. Partners have deep knowledge and experience in event management, production, design (that’s us!), and marketing, plus entertainment, audio-visual, and more. Each of us are ready and waiting to answer your questions and offer solutions aimed at helping you transition your event into a workable new form. 

“As a collective, we believe in the power of events to transform communities. We believe that properly designed and executed events can create change.”

It’s no secret that putting on an event right now is more challenging than ever, but with so much to lose if we lose live experiences, we’ll do everything we can to help you find a way to reimagine your event for a world still grappling with COVID-19, or at the very least look ahead to a post-pandemic, stronger-than-ever return. Head over to the ARISE website to submit your question and start the conversation, and follow ARISE on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.