We challenged you to a snowball fight, and wow, did you show up. So many of you rolled up your sleeves and played our Office Snowball Fight game (some of you really got into it – more on that later), all in the name of helping us add to our donations this holiday season.

As a result of the virtual snowball-throwing done by our fun-loving and caring network of friends, family, industry peers, partners, clients, and others, we are honoured to share that we have presented Mealshare, Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation, and BC Children’s Hospital Foundation each with a cheque for $2,500. We are so grateful that you were willing to do something different and have a little fun with us this year, because not only is everything better when we do it together, but you also helped us to raise some awareness for the three organizations we supported.

Now remember how we said some of you REALLY got into it? Here are some of our favourite stats:

We want to encourage you again to find out which local restaurants in your city are partnered with Mealshare, and to consider supporting the vital work of both Children’s Hospital Foundations. If there’s another cause or organization that’s close to your heart, then by all means, support that! Just like our holiday giving and our day-to-day work, the communities and cities we are all part of are so much better, stronger, and more welcoming when we support one another. Thank you for playing along with us this season…. And may you never get in a snowball fight with Liam McEvoy!