If you’re into playing free association games at parties (hey, we aren’t judging if you are), we can pretty much guarantee that if you throw out “Calgary,” the majority of words you hear back are going to have a lot to do with cowboys, some oil and gas references, and probably a few about the Rocky Mountains. While we have zero problems embracing our western roots, it can still be refreshing to remember that there’s more to Stampede City than, well, Stampede. This is also a city where the arts are alive and flourishing, and a great place to find this less talked-about side of our hometown is the fabulous Theatre Junction GRAND. As it has quickly become one of our favourite unique and artistic event spaces, here are a few things we associate with the GRAND:

GRAND ideas
We like to think of the fine people at this eclectic, vibrant event space as kindred spirits. The theatre regularly hosts anything from live artist’s labs to indie music shows to interpretive dance performances, and this type of pure, up-for-anything love of art extends to their willingness to help us create whatever unique – or occasionally even bizarre – atmosphere we’re trying to achieve. Whether it’s giving us complete creative rein to turn the space on its head for a “dreams” theme, or being 100% willing to move our pick of furniture from the mezzanine down to the main level (as was the case for the event pictured here), we always know the team at the GRAND is going to be down for whatever, and up for anything.

GRAND perks
Theatre Junction GRAND is an actual theatre, and the inherent perks of this as far as an event venue goes are great sound and great lighting. In addition to gorgeous acoustics, the space is equipped with state-of-the-art sound equipment. It can also be lit up beautifully using structures and lighting equipment that are already in place. Even better, their team of technicians is ready and waiting to set up all of the sound and lighting for you, making that one less thing you need to worry about.

Another in-house perk is Workshop Kitchen + Culture. Your guests will love their menu; you’ll love how great they are to work with.

GRAND style
Simply put, the space is beautiful. Theatre Junction GRAND is located in a historic building, and has taken full advantage of that with exposed brick and beams, high ceilings, and a beautiful wall mural. Each available rental space is outfitted with unique and stylish furniture that can be moved to suit your needs, and only enhances the already exceptional space.

We’ve been finding ourselves in this venue more and more recently, and take it from us – anything from a wedding to an AGM can shine here. This space has all the fascinating character and shape-shifting magic of your favourite artist, and we’re full of ideas for making your event blossom here. Get in touch, and let’s talk grand ideas.  


Photography Credit: LeBlond Studio