There’s a buzz in the air today as we welcome an industry heavy-hitter to #TeamOneWest. Julia Rooney joins our team as Project Manager, bringing with her over a decade of experience in events.

There’s experience, and there’s experience. With an ILEA Calgary Presidency under her belt—during the pandemic, no less—Julia knows a thing or two about our industry’s unique needs. From her time at the reins, she brings a knack for problem-solving and compassion that guides her management style.

Her roots in the events industry span the whole gamut from marketing, sales and management to public relations. Her first-hand involvement in so many facets of the industry shows in her innate understanding of managing people and events, no matter what comes up. In no small feat, her work ethic and infectious energy even earned her Rookie of the Year from our friends, The Glencoe Club.

With all of that unique experience, Julia has developed an intuition that is hard to come by. She’s a quick thinker and just the person you want confidently guiding your event.

Some people were born to thrive in this industry, and we’re ecstatic to have her natural expertise and sharp skillset on our team.

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