To say our team gets into the Stampede spirit is an understatement – we have Stampede on the brain for months in advance, and while the festival is happening we live and breathe all things Stampede for 10 straight days… and nights. So you might expect that we have some thoughts on what you should see, do, eat, listen to, and just take in during the spectacle that is the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, and if you expected that, well, you’d be right!

Here are some top tips from our team on what not to miss this year, and what we love about Stampede:

Dustin Westling, CSEP
Managing Partner, and most likely not to sleep for all of Stampede

Dustin says:
“There is nothing better than watching a community come together to celebrate. Everyone’s relationship with Stampede is different – for some, the fun is in the parties and festivals, and for others it’s all about sport and western culture – but ultimately, we all come together across the city to take part in this phenomenon that is Stampede.”

Dustin recommends:
1. Ziplining across Stampede Park
2. Dancing the night away at The Roundup Music Fest
3. The ultimate summer block party at Coca-Cola IgNITES the Night

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Orlando Nichols
Director of Operations & Yeehaw

Orlando says:
“I like wearing cowboy boots until my feet hurt, and being peer pressured into drinking shots of Jack Daniels.”

Orlando recommends:
1. Getting inspiration for new tricks to teach your dog at Calgary Stampede Dog Bowl Shows (we are pretty convinced Orlando’s pup Dawson could hold his own here, but we’re admittedly biased)
2. Exploring the food, drinks, music, and more on offer at Stampede’s newest entertainment venue, The Big Four Roadhouse
3. Stomping those boots at Oxford Stomp

Gillian Lueke
Operations & Logistics Coordinator, and office winner for best Stampede style

Gillian says:
“Other festivals in other places might have similar things to offer, but there is something about the theme and the celebration of Calgary’s heritage – up to and including getting decked out in western wear – combined with the amazing spirit of our city that makes Calgary Stampede so special.”

Gillian recommends:
1. Eating lots of mind-meltingly delicious mini-doughnuts at the Midway
2. Unabashedly embracing western wear
3. Falling in love with every baby animal at the Nutrien Barn Tours

Jennifer Thacker
Project – Concert Schedule – Manager

Jennifer says:
“Ultimately, it’s the community spirit that make Stampede so incredible. I love the way it brings our city together.”

Jennifer recommends:
1. Jumping in with both boots by taking in Stampede’s signature event: Calgary Stampede Rodeo
2. Hitting up as many outdoor concerts as you can possibly fit in
3. Fireworks, fireworks, and more fireworks

Renée Pittet
Director of Business Development & Family Fun

Renée says:
“Stampede offers so many fantastic family-friendly options, which means lots of great chances for quality time with my daughter.”

Renée recommends:
1. Enjoying the chuckwagon events and barns of Stampede’s agricultural schedule
2. Spending a day at Stampede Park, taking in the Dog Bowl, Monster Energy, and Midway
3. Chowing down at Chinook Centre Stampede Breakfast 

Riley Fisher
Project Coordinator, and most likely to take you on a personal Stampede tour

Riley says:
“Giddy Up, Calgary!”

Riley recommends:
1. Getting front-row seats for the Parade by watching from the Rotary Club Pancake Breakfast (hot tip: the $45 ticket is well worth it for the private washroom access alone)
2. Going all the way up to the King Eddy Rooftop – open exclusively for Stampede – for the best place to watch the fireworks, and live music during Bell Live
3. Taking in the drum competition and more in Indian Village

Amy Martin
Project Manager & Stampede Free Spirit

Amy says:
“The energy of Stampede is invigorating, uplifting, and contagious! I often head to the grounds without a plan and follow where the energy of the crowd and flavours of the Midway take me (which usually ends up in at least one spontaneous line dance).”

Amy recommends:
1. Kicking everything off with the Stampede Parade
2. Getting in on the epic dance party that is guaranteed to break out anywhere the Funk Hunters play (Amy is vouching for this, having seen them play in various locations across Alberta and BC)
3. Allowing yourself to be wholly entertained by the Calgary Stampede Showband – 5-time world champs!

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