This past holiday season saw us rack up some pretty astounding numbers, and one of our favourite projects to look back on now is Celebrate 2017, Shaw’s holiday event for employees. Thanks to the progressive mindset of our client, we had the opportunity to create a conceptual design that centred entirely around giving employees the most opportunities possible to socialize, mingle, and have fun – a pretty ideal objective, if you ask us.

To really up the ante, this event would take place in two cities on two separate nights and needed to provide the same exciting experience for both sets of guests, which added another layer of complexity and challenged us to flex our logistics muscles as much as our creative chops.

In the end, this multi-city event provided plenty of opportunities to dream, scheme, and really go above and beyond, and the final concept included several custom builds and immersive spaces. We sat down with our client a full 18 months ahead of go-time to make sure that each event execution was flawless and fabulous; fast-forward to now, and we’re pretty pleased with the final results. But what really makes the experience shine when we look back are the amazing opportunities we had to collaborate with different vendors and partners, and the layers of teamwork that brought each event to life.

FM Systems and lighting designer Keylite  worked with us to create the necessary infrastructure for our perimeter and central draping, suspended feature wall, and custom lighting fixtures. Production Canada came through perfectly – as always – with custom builds like the interlaced CNC panelled entrance wall, custom bench, lounge risers, and staging for the play areas. Fabloomosity took our breath away with the floral arrangements, which were a huge nod to the design concept and ended up being conversation-starters in their own right.

Those are just a few of the many partners and vendors – and of course our crew in both cities – that were instrumental to pulling the whole thing off.

So in addition to fun facts like the 200 throw cushions that were sourced and placed throughout the space, or the intriguing discovery during strike that somehow Jenga pieces from the two games areas had travelled ALL over the space, what we remember most when we look back is the amazing teamwork and collaboration that brought everything together. Click through to our event profile for more photos and the full story on our Ultimate Hotel Lobby concept for Celebrate 2017.