Imagine being nostalgic for 2020.

Yes, go ahead and take a minute to laugh hysterically, we’ll wait. 

Seriously though, 2020 has been a year that is going to stand out in our memories, whether we like it or not, and embracing what the year has brought into focus, looking back on what we’ve learned, and looking ahead to the future is an appropriate way to close off these past months. Someday, we’ll all look back on this year and, yes, possibly feel a twinge of nostalgia remembering all of the tough and scary parts, but also the sense of community, the resilience, and how it has all highlighted the importance of the people in our lives. So while we’re being sentimental, is there literally anything more nostalgia-embracing than a time capsule?

Gifting your employees with a chance to both mark this moment and look ahead to the future with the ones they love is a pretty great way to thank them for the year it’s been – and while we’re doing that, we may as well load up a tricked-out gift box, too.

A gift box to surpass all other gift boxes (sounds dramatic, but try us)
It makes no sense to send anyone an empty box, are we right? So before employees turn their gift boxes into time capsules, we may as well load them up with big time holiday fun. These gift boxes are designed to be customizable, loaded with fun for anyone and everyone, and more festive than a horse-drawn hayride full of elves drinking rum-spiked eggnog. 

A host of gift selections are available, including snacks (popcorn, baked goods and decorating kits, mulling spices and hot chocolate mixes), activities (puzzles or crafts, Cineplex home movie coupons), and interactive elements (augmented reality ornament, holiday music playlist). Gear your gift box toward adults with the Adult Expansion Pack (enter the chocolate truffles, specialty coffees, and scented candles), or focus on families with a letter from Santa and at-home holiday scavenger hunt. No matter what you choose, every gift box supports Alberta makers and businesses with handcrafted items and local food and beverage offerings.

Look back, and look forward, with a time capsule
The key piece to this corporate holiday event alternative is, of course, the time capsule, which is both functional and beautiful. Once the gifts have been emptied from the box – which is custom designed and printed, and can include a company message and logo – that box becomes a time capsule, complete with prompt sheets and photo inserts. Your employees and their families can fill out the sheets, add items to their time capsule, and choose a date to re-open it. Can we just pause for a moment to collectively look forward to looking back on 2020? 

Seriously though, tough times are all the more reason to pause and appreciate what we have, where we’ve been, and where we’re going – and more than all that, the people we’re surrounded by. Bring on the nostalgia.

Options and enhancements, because we’re extra like that
Did you think we were done? We weren’t done. Along with all the customizations already mentioned, we’ve got a few more tricks up our sleeves to help you level up this whole package. 

  • You ship, or we ship: When it comes to getting these boxes into your employees’ hands, you’ve got some options. Handle shipping the boxes directly to your employees’ home yourselves, or we can safely handle it for you, with detailed attention to health and safety protocols and the privacy of your employees’ personal information. 

  • Pick-up pop-up: Ok, so we can’t have a large holiday event, but a pop-up holiday experience is still a great option. We’ll design and build a beautiful and festive holiday vignette that will give your guests a fun outing and an Insta-worthy photo opp while they pick up their holiday box.  

  • Family photo package: Take that one step further by offering your employees a safe, professional family photo when they pick up their box. We’ll build a photo backdrop into your pick-up vignette, provide a professional photographer, courtesy of our friends and partners at Leblond Studio, and give everyone a reason to get dressed up at least once in 2020. 

  • At-home live music: HANDS UP if you are really, really missing live music? If you have yet to try one, a virtual concert is a great way to fill that void, and we’re offering online platforms that feature live shows from local artists and a chatroom so your guests can share in the experience together. Or, choose to provide your guests with a ticket to existing online concerts as part of their gift box.
  • Local holiday scavenger hunt: Supporting local is always a huge plus, and that’s true now more than ever. Add a local scavenger hunt, where your employees will be sent to festive locations before ultimately ending up at your gift box pick-up station.

  • Community Give-Back: So many of our local non-profits and vulnerable members of our community need our help. Whether it’s bringing a food bank item to the pick-up station or including a note in your gift boxes about how your company is giving back this holiday season, we can help build a little extra cheer and goodwill into your gift box.

Embrace the at-home experience
We miss going out as much as anyone, but there’s also something beautiful about how we’ve all learned to appreciate being at home over these past months. For the holiday season this year, embracing that cozy at-home feeling and gifting a whole festive experience seems pretty on-point. Talk over your options, bring your own ideas to the table, and get the ball – or box? – rolling by getting in touch.