If you’ve ever wondered how seasoned event profs seem to innately know what their clients want, there is a secret we need to share. Event profs are nosey. And we aren’t ashamed of it.

Nosiness is the secret sauce that keeps the bar moving forward. It’s how we understand our clients’ needs better, nip issues in the bud, and constantly find new and innovative ways to enhance the guest experience at our events.

If getting a bit nosey makes you squirm, we’ve brought in reinforcements to set your mind at ease. Take this adorable cow, for example. They have no problem sticking their snout in your business, and we love them for it.

Great Event Profs Question Everything

We’re calling this nosey friend of ours Bessie, and asking ourselves, “What would Bessie do?”

Her advice? Sticking your nose in everything is a way of life.
Switch out of auto-pilot and start thinking of questions you can ask about everything happening around you. Why is it done the way it is?

Take the people working alongside you. What are they up to? Check out what they’re working on and how they’re doing it. At events, in meetings and during the planning phase, watch how decisions are made. Ask yourself what you don’t yet understand that you would like to, then ask your teammates for clarity.

Even if you’re tethered to the registration desk, watch the flow of action at the event and think about the questions you can ask to make things even better next time. What could you understand better about how the departments work together to make everything run smoothly? Jot down those questions, and don’t stop until you get some answers.

Okay, but how do I act nosey without weirding people out?
Industry secret number two: event profs love supporting each other. If you share your intentions with any of us, we’ll go out of our way to help you. It’s as easy as “I recently graduated. Here’s what I want to do. Can I ask you some questions?” We’re a chatty bunch (not that it needs to be said) and will gladly offer up our two cents.

Of course, don’t start up a convo when doors open in ten minutes. It’s okay to ask someone for a follow-up when you aren’t about to turn your attention to a crowd of excited guests.

How can I be nosey with clients to understand their needs better?
We’ve all walked into client meetings with a list of questions lengthy enough to put the infamous CVS receipts to shame. It isn’t always obvious why we’re diving so deep into their business, so set the tone by expressing how the information will better the project.

Something like, “I’m going to ask you a lot of questions about your culture and your brand. Some may not seem relevant, but they all help us make sure everything we do looks, smells and sounds like you!” No one will turn down the opportunity to have their brand properly articulated when they understand that’s what you’re up to.

When it comes to gathering information online, we’ve all had to fill out boilerplate questionnaires that don’t seem to gather anything useful. Stay a step ahead by getting concise and asking smart questions that drill down to what you really want people to tell you. You’ll gain valuable responses in return and find people are happy to fill out forms for you all day long.

To leave you with a word of advice: it’s totally fine to be nosey.
You are shooting for success, and asking questions will take you places that quietly watching never would. Take a lesson from the adorable cows of the world and poke your nose into what’s going on all around you.

As a company, it’s on us to create opportunities for young people to learn and ask questions. We are always working toward an HQ that welcomes transparency, and it only makes sense for us to give real, honest feedback when people ask questions so everyone can be on the same page.

If questions aren’t a natural part of your workflow, creating a time slot for an AMA invites your team to engage in talking through things that could otherwise go unsaid. That way, you can get right down to business, turning questions into learning and growth for the whole team.

If you want to poke your nose into our business and ask us anything, go right ahead! We’d love to hear from you.

Bessie, any last words?

(Grass chewing sounds)

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