It’s not every day you get to party in a library, but then there’s nothing ‘every day’ about the new Central Library. The excitement around the grand opening of this breathtaking new building and groundbreaking community hub has been building for some time now (read more about the process and the building itself in our venue profile here) and that all came to a head last week when the Library both officially opened its doors to the public, and threw a grand opening gala. To create a welcome worthy of an institution like this one you’ve really got to pull out all the stops, but the fact is that the chance to do just that is pretty much why we get out of bed in the morning – so challenge accepted.

And Lit Gala definitely pulled out all the stops. We literally lit up the new Central Library from the outside in, with the night’s theme glowing everywhere from projections on the building facade to LED light sculptures  inside to the clothing on models and dancers. With lighting so integral to our theme it had to be MAJOR, and we can’t shout out our friends at Orange Frog Productions loudly enough to fully capture just how thrilled we are with the amazing work they did on lighting. Proshow Audiovisual also stepped up to the plate to hit a big time home run on AV, and the talented florists at Amborella Floral created perfectly on point bouquets for our glowing centrepieces. Last, but nowhere near least, we have the talented and creative catering team at Hyatt Regency Calgary to thank for their incredible food and beverage work. This team nails it every. single. time.  


Click over to our Lit Gala event profile to read more about the event and see how it all unfolded with more incredible photos from the night. Congratulations to Calgary Public Library and the new Central Library on their opening and the success of the Gala. We can’t wait to see how your story continues to unfold.


Photo credit Rob McMorris Photography