Loosen your belt buckle and pre-order your post-Stampede juice cleanse because Calgary Stampede is one week away and we all know what that really means – the pancake breakfasts are coming. 

You can try to resist. You can swear you’ll be strong. But we all know that the minute that maple syrup smell starts to waft down our streets and off of the skin of everyone you meet anywhere in the city at literally any time of day (“breakfast” is a term used loosely during Stampede), your defenses will crumble like… well, like a pancake. Going an entire Stampede without hitting a pancake breakfast or 6 is like going to Ireland and not having a fish and chips or visiting Italy and refusing gelato. Do you really want to live with that kind of regret?

Now that you’re done with denial, we’ve got you covered with our comprehensive timeline of every single open-to-the-public pancake breakfast that we could find. When you’re done planning your breakfast schedule (and deciding which shows to go to), check out #StampedeBro on Instagram to really take things to the next level this year.

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