Give the ultimate at-home holiday experience.

There’s a lot that can be said about 2020, but when it comes down to it, this year has shone a bright light on what really matters, and what matters is family. Families we were born into, families we’ve created around us, families that each look different but are all equally as meaningful. Where would we be without each other? Believe in Your Elf Family Time Capsule is a curated at-home experience ready to simply and safely be gifted to your employees or clients. Filled with the makings of the coziest, most festive night-in imaginable, the experience culminates in a special way to commemorate the year that was, in anticipation of the years still to come.


Conveniently high-tech, delightfully analog, and designed to make memories.

Mixing digital access with hands-on activities, each box arrives loaded up with fun for anyone and everyone, and is more festive than a horse-drawn hayride full of elves drinking eggnog. 

Each box includes:

  • A Spotify holiday playlist
  • Baked goods and decorating kits
  • Mulling spices with recipes
  • Gourmet hot chocolate mix
  • Popcorn
  • A Cineplex at-home movie link for choice of movie
  • Colouring sheets
  • Time capsule activity sheets and customization stickers

After filling each home with the scents, sounds, and tastes of the holidays, the emptied gift box is transformed into a family time capsule. Following prompts on the activity sheets, each family can choose what to include and when they will reopen the time capsule. 

There’s something beautiful about how we’ve all learned to appreciate being at home over these past months. For the holiday season this year, embracing that cozy at-home feeling and gifting a whole festive experience feels pretty on-point.


Sit back and trust us.

We’re safely packaging each Believe in Your Elf box in a safe processing room, where two pre-screened and trained OneWest staff members, physically distanced from one another and equipped with full PPE, will put together each time capsule box. Each item is sanitized by UV light or cleaning solution before being placed in the box, and the exterior of the completed kit is sanitized as well. When it’s go-time, your boxes can be delivered to your office, to be distributed by you, or we can handle shipping directly to your recipients’ homes, Either way, delivery will be carried out with detailed attention to health and safety protocols and the privacy of personal information. As a COR-certified company, each member of our team is always up-to-date with health and safety policies and certifications, and we are fully committed to ensuring that all risks are carefully considered and minimized.


It’s time to make some memories.

Heard everything you need to hear? Intrigued, but have questions? Either way, we’d love to hear how we can help you brighten up the holidays for some families that matter to you this year. Give us a call, or drop us a note, and let’s get festive.

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