Air travel is commonplace to most of us today, but there was a time when embarking on a flight came with no shortage of genuine excitement and honest-to-goodness glamour. For WestJet’s 2019 “Let’s Fly” employee holiday event, we welcomed guests on a journey that referenced back to air travel’s elegant past, while looking ahead to a bright future. 

A first-class flight experience was woven into the environment right from the first moment, with guests “checking in” for the event at branded kiosks. In the Arrivals Lounge, Upper Deck Lounge, and Departure Lounge, hints of old-school aviation were pulled into the design through the use of materials like copper and chrome and the incorporation of vintage luggage props. Mid-century modern accent furniture, large, comfortable lounges in jewel-toned velvet and cognac leather, and dramatic patterned gobos covering the walls completed the illusion of an expansive and elegant retro airport. 

This feeling carried through to the dining area, where four different table designs inspired by the WestJet Dreamliner presented the same signature welcoming elegance. Industrial airplane and globe models were incorporated into centerpieces, the stage area featured illuminated skyscrapers under dramatic criss-crossing spotlights, and an airplane-style illuminated aisle cut through the tables. Selfie-station backdrops located nearby highlighted WestJet’s newest exciting flight destinations.


“Let’s Fly” celebrated air travel’s past, without feeling like a retrospective. The design and concept were carefully executed to create a midcentury environment that still felt timeless and modern. WestJet’s Dreamliner aircraft served as valuable inspiration in achieving the perfect blend of impactful elegance and comfortable ease, building the brand’s values into the event experience. By rethinking the flow of the space – placing the main stage in a corner and a smaller stage in the centre, and building out multiple lounge areas – we were able to create an optimal guest flow and maximize the design concept. As every exceptional WestJet in-flight team knows, careful attention to detail ensured that the experience in both cities was first-class all the way. 

Photos by Leblond Studio