Marilyn Sheftel, daughter of Bea Sheftel, wanted to do something extra special for Bea's 90th birthday. Marilyn came to us with just 2 months to design the event and plan logistical support for the big day. Our client was under pressure and anxious that her vision for something special be achieved, and we stepped in to relieve her stress and deliver an exceptional result that was everything she had hoped for. The client’s theme, GatsBEA, was a play on the birthday girl’s name and The Great Gatsby, and we took the Roaring ‘20s inspiration into every aspect of the experience. An art deco logo was created out of Bea’s name and featured in large decals at the entrance and on the dance floor. Rich textures and patterns were layered in fabrics, table linens, furniture, and accessories in gold, silver, and striking black-and-white, for a lavishness worthy of the inspiration. With a theme like Gatsby, guests had an expectation of opulence, and our goal was to not only exceed those expectations but expand on them through creative and innovative uses of colour, product, and activations that built in sequence throughout the night. For the first phase, guests were welcomed through an interactive ‘speakeasy’ entrance to the Welcome Reception, designed in a black and gold palette with décor that pulled inspiration from the era of underground prohibition lounges. A customized guestbook added warmth and personalization to the opulence. The second phase was The Gastby Dinner, where the room was set in a luxurious silver palette, with stunning décor that built on the theme, without drawing on overused clichés. During the dinner, the reception area was flipped to transform into the final phase of the evening, which included a grand reveal of the photo experience, a cigar lounge, and a dessert display on the patio.


Every detail was considered to ensure that the night was a transportive experience for guests, making them feel as if they’d been dropped into one of Gatsby’s parties. The ambiance of the night awed Bea’s guests, and each new phase created excitement and anticipation. Our client appreciated that her initial ideas for theme and subsequent input on décor and other details were carefully incorporated, and the final result was an event that felt both intimate and exciting, creating a memorable celebration of a beloved matriarch.