Our client wanted the design of Celebrate to honor their company history, while also ringing in the new directions in their future, and we incorporated both into our design development for this holiday event. Guests were greeted by a 20’ tall geometric tree, which was built by our partners at Production Canada, stacking hundreds of individually welded hexagons, all powder-coated in the new brand colors. Parkour-trained ‘elves’ accepted donations of gifts from arriving guests, and put those parkour skills to use by scaling the tree to place the gift into a space. Guests gathered for dinner at tables arranged around a 16’ high x 20’ wide white fireplace, where an LCD screen live-streamed the iconic “Holiday Yule Log”. This nostalgic use of a holiday mainstay paid tribute to the company’s history, and lent an air of tradition to the modern tablescapes. Following dinner, a kabuki drape line was dropped to reveal the night’s after-party! This space featured a large entertainment stage and 1.5 story scaffolding structures which flanked the dance floor. Sweeping staircases led up the structures to loft lounges. Each unit was enclosed with solid walls and featured carpeted flooring in brand colours. The expansive lofts, towering gift tree, and large virtual fireplace effectively filled the vast event space, enhancing the tone of celebration.


The gift tree was a new charitable component introduced for this event, and the initiative raised over $30,000 in charitable donations. The design for the event set a new industry standard and played heavily into becoming an award-winning show for all partners. From the strategic use of new brand colours, to innovative large décor components, the event truly translated the theme of “Celebrate.”

Photography: Leblond Studio