Nestled in the mountains of Alberta, Canada, The Banff Centre’s annual Midsummer Ball brings together a high-profile guest list to celebrate inspired music, artwork, and dance. The event is the Centre’s largest fundraiser of the year, and is crucial to allowing The Banff Centre to provide time, space, and facilities for artists to focus on creativity. The thematic concept for the 36th annual event was “Momentum,” and our team used design and décor to create an atmosphere that brought this concept to life across multiple locations, throughout the 3-day event. Each year, we strive to provide our client with a design that inspires and engages guests while maximizing value and budget in respect to the charitable interests of the event. Swirling linens, curved modern furnishings, custom-patterned tables, and elegant accents created a sense of flow and movement throughout the venue. As guests entered and moved through the space each night, décor elements built off of one another, creating a guest experience of raised excitement and momentum. To guests, each night’s décor appeared fresh and unique; for our client, the budget was sound due to resourceful repurposing of décor items, innovative site plan development, and conscious sourcing of décor products.


Over 1.12 million dollars was raised through strategic planning and implementation – a stunning price-per-person that marked the third successive year to see funds set new highs. In our partnership with The Banff Centre, we strive to deliver designs that inspire guests and create an atmosphere that serves as a catalyst for increased fundraising, all while providing maximum value to our client.