Even the all-time greats like Gretzky or Jordan didn’t win all those championship rings on their own – the best of the best will always be the first to say that the incredible teams around them were the real secret to realizing their full potential. Events are a team sport, no doubt, and when the stakes are high, you need to know you have right people beside you, people who are as passionate, as committed, and as in-it-to-win-it as you are.

We’ve recently scored a major win in welcoming Samara Lastiwka to our team roster as a Project Manager, and it feels clear already that we’re destined to do big things together.

Samara is an arts-loving creative spirit who spent the first decade of her career on the production side of events, booking entertainment first in Toronto – where she attended George Brown College – then back home in Edmonton, and finally here in Calgary as the Programming Manager for Calgary Stampede. Booking artists for the main stage of the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth is no joke, and the organizational and people skills that Samara learned while juggling everything that comes with that gig have translated to a perfect fit with the logistics side of the Project Manager position here.

Now, Samara is ready and excited to add the creative side of events to her day job, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to unleash her and let her do her thing. She’s been cross-training for this new position for years with hobbies like painting and side-gigs like home staging, and is currently studing Interior Design at the University of Calgary.  

Finally, you can expect to find working with Samara as fun throughout the process as it is exhilarating at the final buzzer. Samara is outgoing, super enthusiast, and a true people-person – you can add dog-person to that, as seen in her undying devotion to her Boston Terrier, Sir Winston Churchill. You can also find Samara hiking, scuba diving, and playing golf, although at this point we honestly don’t know where she finds the time to do it all.

Welcome to the team, Samara! We can’t wait to watch your star rise.